Eleni Sakali

Born in Thessaloniki.
She studied Art & Design at the Nuova Academia di Belle Arti in Milan. Her studies in NΑBA gave her the opportunity to get in touch with International Art Institutions Associations by acquiring knowledge in Art & Design and a full range of educational programs in Fine Arts and Decorations.
Through an avant-garde teaching staff at an international level, she gave her the opportunity to study and specialize in the field of art, as well as the opportunity to enrich her inspiration and her creative horizons.
Her stay in the historic Navigli and Como during her studies brought her close to a different culture . Enchanted by Northern Italy, she gave her a lot of presence by participating in painting exhibitions. She works with several Houses in Italian design, bringing to Greece the finesse and the timeless … style. Every step brings her a different approach to Art and Decoration.
In her visual process she created the Time of Art gallery in Kifissia.
Apriori Impressionism as an artistic flow led her to the vibrant and vibrant colors, with emphasis on the representation of light.
It captures the direct impression that an object causes in either design or painting. Her visual approach is guided freely so that in her palette mixing the imagination with colors she devotes strokes to creating works touching on modern Art, Symbolism, Romanticism, Hyperrealism and Cubism
Seeking quality of life defines Signature style respecting harmony by looking at the past and the culture of the space it creates each time.

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