Happy day with Art for children

At Time of Art there is a workshop with artist Eleni Sakali with flexible individual or group programs for creation and expression for children.
The “Happy summer day with Art” programme makes summer in Athens exciting for our little friends! If you think your child deserves something better and you want to offer it very financially, then at the Time of Art Workshop he can develop his skills every day, play fun and create his own work with supervision, guidance and diligence.The Time of Art club welcomes the children of 5-13 years old to develop their artistic skills, to express their artistic wants and concerns, to create their own paintings, pottery, sculpture, mosaic, collage.
They do not need to have previous experience. Each day is thematic and self-contained (i.e. each activity is completed within each day). Children taking part participate, in guided tours, paintings, handicrafts, construction and group games and activities. There are programs from Monday to Saturday.

Art Seminars for Adults

At the Time of Art gallery, workshops are held with Eleni Sakali with individual or group seminars, creation and expression for Adults. Dealing with Art is an activity that contributes to the psycho-emotional balance and energy empowerment of the individual. By learning step-by-step the secrets of any art, you feel the need to express yourself in your own way. The magic moment when the hand draws the drawing, then all your existence creates and speaks.
In the workshop there are parts of Seminars: Energy Painting – Painting of Expression – Sculpture – Engraving – Mosaic – Collage.
Programs in mornings – afternoon and evening departures for employees from Monday to Saturday.

Line Freehand and line drawing

Preparation for the entrance examinations at Universities , AEI or the Higher
School of Fine Arts, or anyone who is simply interested in making an introduction to the world of the project.
The Line Plan is one of the special courses for introducing both higher education institutions such as Architecture and Higher Education Institutions such as the departments of Decoration, Graphic Design, Art and Antiques, Photography and Graphic Arts.
The preparation for the above courses should be done in the best possible way
since any difference in the score will be significant. Years of experience in the field of education, specialization due to relevant studies and the possibility of fewer courses or individual courses are important advantages for us to choose from Course attendance program.
Winter classes begin in September and end at the end of July. .
The way of monitoring is:2 hours linear and 2 free design
Parents’ parents are informed of the progress of their children at regular intervals.
Courses that coincide with holidays and holidays are being replenished.

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